Before & After

Spray Tanning Instructions

What to know BEFORE your Spray Tan:

  • Exfoliate & shave 24 hours before your tan or a least 3 hours
  • Avoid using soap with alpha-hydroxy or salicylic acne treatment
  • Avoid heavy oil or other topical agents on your skin
  • Clothing: Women commonly wear a bathing suit, bra/panty, or g-string in dark colors (keep in mind, some solutions will get on these garments)
  • Clothing: Men must wear running shorts or fitted underwear
  • Please contact me to discuss any other concerns prior to your scheduled appointment

What to know AFTER your Spray Tan:

  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothes & flip-flops after – avoid anything tight such as buckles, belts, straps, elastic or tight jeans
  • Don’t touch your skin, it can darken your hands & “mark” your tan – be careful with pets & loved one’s hugging you after your tan
  • Avoid water, rain, splashing of water – take care when washing your hands
  • The top layer of bronzer may get on clothing/sheets; it usually washes off but may stain silk, nylon & spandex
  • It is recommended to wait 10 hours before showering; but if absolutely necessary, wait 6 hours
  • For your first shower, expect the top layer of bronzer to wash off, this is normal
  • Avoid harsh soaps/scrubs the first week
  • Moisturize daily with an emollient lotion. Avoid those that exfoliate or bleach the skin or contain heavy petroleum ingredients, such as baby oil or petroleum jelly. Many customers prefer using our “Forever Tan” tan extender lotion which contains a nice touch of our premier DHA solution in it
  • Use sunscreen as necessary; the DHA tanning solution contains no sunscreen
  • Hot tubs, pools, steam, heavy sweat & harsh soaps/scrubs shorten the life of your tan