Red Carpet Pricing

Red Carpet Pricing:

Single Custom Tan                                 $40 (mobile)

Single Custom Tan                                 $35 (visit us)

Bring-A-Friend                                        $35 each (2+)

Three’s-A-Crowd                                    $30 each (3+)

Partial Tan                                               $25

Students (17 or younger)                  $25

Red Carpet Lotions:

“Forever Tan” Lotion with DHA          $20
“Soft Tan” Daily Moisturizing Lotion (no DHA)  $20
“Quick Tan” Our Beautiful Touch-Up Spray                 $30

Gather the Girlz!

A Tanning Party is the perfect excuse to have a Girlz Night In.  And the Hostess tan is FREE with just 5 tanning guests.